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CuriousClover Makes It A Point To Make Friends With Benefits On MGF

March 18, 2014

My boyfriend is actually the one who turned me on to MyGirlFund. It was the first website I worked on of its kind and the first time I started selling videos and photosets. It was new, and different, and confidence-building. What I love most about the site is how understanding the guys have been. Even when I’m having a bad day, some of them are such a pleasure to talk to.

MyGirlFund is my main source of income right now and it really gives you back whatever you put into it. You have to treat it like a regular 9 to 5. A sexy, fun, interactive 9 to 5… but a job all the same. Guys I’ve met on MGF aren’t just “clients”, they’re my friends. We talk on a regular basis and talk about each others lives. It’s like having sexy friends with benefits.

To girls just starting out, have fun! Be yourself. Guys know when your “faking it”. Trust me. They’d rather see you having a good time and being natural. That’s how you get repeat “customers”. One of my favorite reviews by far has been one of my VIPs that lovingly said, “her content is simply amazing! Such a gorgeous girl with a beautiful curvy body. Love her content and love talking to her!”

All in all, you will not find another site like MGF and I can see nothing but positive things and improvement from this point forward.

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