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Posting Her Goals Has Helped BrilliantBlonde Stay Driven And Motivated

March 5, 2014


I started on Mygirlfund after my sister told me about it. I had been looking for a job to supplement my business as a vitamin and supplement distributor for a while, and was having a hard time finding anything that would help me actually pay the bills. Once I got started I was amazed at how many awesome people I met!

My favorite thing has been making custom videos and adding my artistic influence to many of them. I’m learning the art of producing awesome films, which I had never done until I started in December. I have a ton of fun! I love that MGF is so personal! The on-on-one time makes it easier to get to know people and makes a stronger connection. I don’t get overwhelmed on MGF and can actually enjoy real conversations, flirting and having a good time!

Posting my goals on the website has helped a lot too. I have managed to obtain a laptop, buy everything my kiddos need, and put some away for the car I needed to replace my old one. Right now, I am working on paying off a credit card bill and replacing my replacement vehicles transmission…JOY…It’s OK though, I am so happy I actually have the opportunity to try to make money to pay for it!I always have hope in any situation, which makes me a very driven, motivated, thoughtful, and therefore wise individual.

So far my experience with the men on MGF has been pleasant, there are always bad apples, but the truly genuine gentlemen I have had the pleasure of befriending have made any unpleasant interaction SO worth it! I appreciate you guys! I had a really hard time choosing a favorite rating, so I thought I’d pick a couple of favorites to share 🙂 “Just look at her face…..gorgeous! And underneath that beautiful exterior, there is a warm, soft and sensitive nature. She has a complex intelligence, and like a fine wine, appreciation of her gifts will only deepen with time and familiarity. I am so grateful to have met her!” “Another obvious alliterative adjective in her username would be Beautiful. But “business-oriented” is a quality that really makies her special above most other =girls on this site. BB is actually willing to put in the effort to deliver quality custom content in a truly timely manner. I’m hoping she’ll be earning many more credits from me”> I hope I have the pleasure of tgetting to know many more interesting and awesome people on MGF! Thanks for reading!

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