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PixieDoll Quit Her Dayjob Thanks To MGF And Now Pursues Her Passion For Cooking

February 27, 2014

pixiegirlI first signed up with mygirlfund because I thought it would be a good way to send videos to people. My first profile was just about my sexual interests and turn on’s because I thought that was what people would be the most interested in. While I am a very sexual person, I can also be shy and awkward and I had a hard time making friends on the site. A few guys reached out to me and I was suprised they wanted to know more about who I was and what I liked.

I started to include more information about who I am as a person and I found that I was attracting more interesting guys. I like meeting people with something so say. There is nothing more attractive to me than getting to know a person who is sweet and intelligent and turning them on to the point that they are no longer able to think.

I love getting good night messaged, and good morning messages, and compliments in my inbox, and having a surprise contributions while I’m sleeping. All of the kindness that gets sent to me from the guys just really makes my day.

My biggest passion is cooking. I went to culinary school so that I could get a degree in an industry I really enjoy. I love working in a restaurant and pursuing my passion, but the culinary industry doesn’t pay very well. I used to work a second job in the mornings as a prep cook. I loved the work but it was dangerous and very difficult and paid minimum wage. I would often be so tired from my day job I couldn’t enjoy working as a chef in the evenings. Now I am able to just work in a position that I like. i was just promoted from pantry chef to saute chef last weekend. They said that I have been so energetic and helpful lately and they can see a lot of passion in me. I think being able to quit that minimum wage job and make income through MGF helped me to say passionate about my job. Now with my free time I want to start a business plan so that I can have my own restaurant someday.

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