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Auroralei Has a Girlfund That Helps Keep Her In The City She Loves

February 9, 2014

AuroraRei I found out about through one of the models who i’ve been following on tumblr for years and years. She ultimately inspired me to dip my feet in the waters of online adult entertainment. Here I am much further down the road and I love MGF. My favorite part is definitely the friendships I’ve formed on teh site. Don’t get me wrong, not every guy on the site is talkative or even nice. But the ones who are really make it worth it. There are a lot of sweethearts on there. That’s what differentiates mygirlfund from other sites, I think–the ability to form one on one private relationships with real people out there, who you know are appreciating you.

When I joined mygirlfund, I lived in Oklahoma. I had just been run over by the huge tornado that leveled an elementary school and I miraculously survived. All I wanted was to get back home to Texas. But you see, where I grew up in Texas is a very country bumpkin middle class suburb, and to look the way I do at almost 21 years old…it’s an easy feat in the big city, but not so much there. So nobody would hire me.

Mygirlfund helped me raise enough money to move and to pay initial payments in my new place in a real city. Now I am back with the urbanites, safely out of the literal heart of tornado alley, and I am happy. My best friend is a single mom and currently I am basically her housewife. I help out her babe, and I single handedly run this place from the inside out. There is absolutely no time for a “real” job. Mygirlfund allows me to be all that I need to be for my family, and pay my bills at the same time 🙂

Advice for new girls is this: get out there. Make yourself known and set yourself apart. A lot of guys praise me for being so different and off the wall. Message people, make friends. Call them names, make them feel nice. Not everyone will reply and sometimes it gets discouraging, but people will talk back to you and your page will get more recognition. If someone is rude to you brush em off and block em. Half the time, they paid you to be rude to you 🙂



I like mygirlfund over other websites because it is what it says it is: a
true social networking site. Even though some guys don’t realize that and don’t play by the rules, the majority of them do and that’s what makes the experience exuberating. Making connections and having a handful of people out there who you can talk to whenever about nothing…it’s pretty cool. And the guys who want friendships with the girls are a lot of the time so sweet. It’s a nice community and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. So glad I became an MGF girl :3

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