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A Friend Turned Katyanne On To MyGirlFund

February 3, 2014



One of my girlfriends used to be a member on MGF and she told me I would love the site. She was right! There are so many aspects of MGF that are awesome it is hard to choose just one. MyGirlFund TRULY gives both guys and girls a personal experience. You aren’t just a number here, I can’t stress that enough. There is something here for everyone. At the same time, MyGirlFund is very one on one. If they so desire, the site allows both parties to develop a significant relationship with the other.

The best part is that MGF has consistently helped me continue my education, bettering myself and enriching the lives of my friends here. I have so many DIFFERENT friend types here at MGF. None of my friendships are exactly alike. My favorite guys are all relaxed and fun, and I am very grateful for them. Whether they are seeking content, cam shows, or just want to be pen pals, they inspire me to give my absolute best.

Not only am I grateful for my friends, the girls only blog is awesome! The girls are just wonderful! They are always there to offer advice and support each-other.

Advice for new girls? BE NICE! We all have problems, and nobody wants to be spending time with a girl who is always complaining and whining. Tips for the guys? Be considerate of the girls’ time. Also if you add me as a friend, please don’t visit my page multiple times a day and never send a message. Haha… just introduce yourself!

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