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DanyGrrrl Gets Her Schedule Together For Both School, And MyGirlFund

January 21, 2014

DanyGrrrlLast summer while working as a library assistant, I watched a YouTube video of a cam model describing her work and experiences. In the comments below, someone had mentioned MGF. My exploration into the MyGirlFund community began under the name I chose when I signed up and went through the verification process, DanyGrrrl. Since joining, I have found the site to be incredibly organized and easy to use. MGF offers a way to build truly special relationships with people across the globe. I also enjoy having the opportunity to use my photographic skills to make beautiful creations for others to enjoy. The live chat and message system work together in such a way that keeps girls and guys connected, while each profile allows for individual expression.

I am eager to continue participating in the MyGirlFund community. The more I explore, the more I learn and grow, building networking and communication skills along the way. This is an incredible way for women to build confidence in their abilities as an entrepreneur, a conversationalist, or simply a powerful, independent female. Grrrrl Power~

As I carry on with my collegiate studies, I would like to develop a defined schedule for MGF. In order to maintain my relationships, I need to be more succinct with my availability, This is one goal I want to focus on as I gear back up for school-mode.

To close I would like to share one of my favorite ratings. On December 21, a dear friend of mine rated me 5 stars with the following message, “Flawlessly beautiful, indelible sensuality.. She’ll give you more than what you deserve yet make you beg for more. Make sure you spoil this one, gents. She is one helluva woman.” He left me stunned and smiling.

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