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MGF Helps Starkyd Support Her Family

January 9, 2014

StarkydMy name on is Starkyd. I started my account back in October, 20123 at my boyfriends suggestion. He thought I might do well on MGF because I love to model and he knew I was looking for a site where I could show off my sexy pictures. MGF has helped me and my family out a lot. I’m thrilled that I can suport my family by doing what I do on the site.

Besides making money, I have also made some really cool friends on MyGirlFund. I talk to them daily. I am so happy that I made an account on MGF and I am so addicted to it, but I think it’s the people on there that make it worth while. The guys that I’ve made friends with are so great! They help me out when they can. I can talk to them about anything and they do their best to cheer me up when I am down. They actually care about what is going on in my life and I care about what is going on in theirs.

I really love that about MyGirlFund. The site is amazing. My favorite part of being a MGF girl, besides the friendships I have formed, is the attention and interaction. Nothing is better than waking up to smiles and compliments in the morning and getting them through out the day. My favorite rating that I have received so far would be a 5 star rating that reads: “Starkyd is absolutely the complete package! Absolutely gorgeous girl and soo fun to talk with ! She deserves to get spoiled, Don’t pass on her guys, especially if you want to have a conversation with a girl that can hold a legit nerdy conversation. She’s amazing!” UPDATE: “Ordered a custom from My Queen. Was absolutely amazing! She’s truly one of a kind and is absolutely gorgeous!” As soon as I read it it put a big smile on my face. I would definitely recommend this site to any girl who is looking to model. There are so many good opportunities on here. I will definitely be on this site for years to come.

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