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KittySaya Says The Public Side of MyGirlFund is Actually Pretty Private

December 25, 2013

KittySaya is no slouch with her selfies!

Heya! I’m KittySaya, or just Saya, and I’ve been on for three months now. I checked out the site at the recommendation of an internet friend from an ‘alt-porn’ site where I started modeling two years ago.  He said that he would be able to contribute more regularly if I joined MGF, so I did!

I absolutely love the MGF community. The level and depth of personal interaction cannot be beat. In the two years I’ve been getting naked on the internet, mygirlfund has provided me with the most friends, and in a very short period of time too. It’s also the most lucrative as far as financial compensation is concerned. And it’s the most fair. I believe the escrow feature is one of the best things for the guys and girls. No one likes to feel cheated.

I love the diversity of the site. There is something/someone for everyone if you look hard enough. I also dig that this is not just a porn site. Nudity isn’t even required and guys don’t see you naked unless you allow them to. The public side of the site is actually pretty private. I guess I am an exhibitionist, but I don’t want just anyone and everyone to have access to me! I’m an oddly private person for being so comfortable with public nudity. I prefer to get to know the men who are viewing me in the throes of pleasure! Just as the men don’t want to feel used for their money, I don’t want to feel like i’m being used for my body. It’s nice to receive messages from contributors that care about who I am as a person. So far, I’ve made a few good friends and I hope to make more!

One of my favorite 5-star ratings is this one: “Sexy little Asian girl with a body to die for… the quality of her content is amazing… I wish to be ‘LUCKY’. 10/5.” No one else has given me a rating above what is allowed! I’ve received all 5-star ratings and they all make me feel like a million bucks. I plan on being a part of the MyGirlFund community for many years to come, so I encourage everyone to say hello and get to know me.

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