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MyGirlFund Offers Community, Acceptance, and Freedom for Filthybabe

December 21, 2013

filthybabeMy name is filthybabe on Although I have not been a member of the site for very long, I can honestly say that I’m addicted! A friend of mine introduced me to the site and being a young woman with no promise of finding a reliable 9-5 anytime soon, I decided to give MGF a try. When I signed up, I immediately understood what all the buzz was about.

Mygirlfund has given me a way to support not only myself but my loved ones without ever changing out of my pj’s or leaving my house! My honest opinion is that it does not get any better than this. The community, the freedom, and the acceptance are just a few of the reasons I can’t seem to stop logging back in. The men are very open minded and I’ve honestly never felt judged for being myself. Thanks to MGF, I’ve been able to lead a much happier stress-free life.

My advice for anyone new to this type of business is just to be yourself and let people get a feel for what you are all about. One thing guys love on MGF is a girl with a unique style and personality who can give them an experience they can’t find through any other girl or website. All in all, mygirlfund has been a place for me and other girls alike to unwind and escape reality if only for a little while. It’s basically therapeutic!

I have a feeling I’ll be an active member on mygirlfund for years to come and I strongly encourage woman of all ages, shapes and backgrounds to give this site a try! you never know what new things you will learn about yourself along the way.

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  1. February 19, 2015 9:48 pm

    I hear that, me too…and I’ve noticed it helps me grow and recognize unhealthy relationships when I’m in them….and gives me the strength and conviction I need to set up boundaries in my life!

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