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LilMissTrouble Says MyGirlFund More Personal Than Camsites Could Ever Be.

December 13, 2013
LilMissTrouble Loves MGF

LilMissTrouble Loves MGF

I checked out because a friend I knew from a different website told me about it when I was leaving there. I observed for awhile before getting involved, but he assured me it was solid, so I gave it a shot.

My favorite part of being a MyGirlFund girl is the attention and interaction. Nothing is better than waking up to smiles and compliments in the morning.

The difference between MGF and where I used to play on the internet is this isn’t just porn.  Porn is free or cheap. This is beyond that. It’s social networking with a sexy twist. But despite how social it is, it is still very much one on one. This has helped me develop really personal and deep relationships online. At least they feel real to me!

One of the best parts is the money. I have bought a new laptop and it paid for my vacation this summer. I’d never have enjoyed these things without MyGirlFund. It is amazingly helpful in the money department. I also have grown to absolutely love and adore a select few guys on MGF, so it’s win-win!

If I had to give new girls any advice I would say to read all the rules and slowly soak it all in. It’s not your average site!

For the MGF guys, I would say be patient and remember all ladies are unique and wonderful in their own way. Not only are they lovely, but I absolutely love the other ladies. They are very, VERY helpful. Myself? I broke a rule in the GOB, and have been banned from blogging since, so I do not interact in the GOB, but I do love the forums. Very kind and helpful vibes.

My favorite 5 star rating: “She is a very sweet, intelligent, gorgeous and sexy girl. A 5 star rating is not enough for this stunning lady. Her content is amazing! I love our conversations together as well. Guys, you better show her plenty of love and respect! To me, there’s not enough words to describe her! Here’s two: Simply Beautiful! 5/5

Needless to say, Mygirlfund is more personal then I imagined most camsites could be.  I’ll be sticking with mgf

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