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Leonie Joined MyGirlFund For the Money, and Stayed For the Friends

December 3, 2013

Leonie@MygirlfundMyGirlFund is a unique site where guys and girls can interact, make friends, trade content, collaborate on custom videos and enjoy cam shows in a safe, private environment. I learned about MGF from a friend and since joining I have not looked back. It provides great earning opportunities and makes it so easy to work from home.

In fact, I have been able to work exclusively on MyGirlFund. It takes awhile to build up a strong customer base, but by being professional, creative and honest and putting in that extra effort, it’s possible to secure dependable recurring income on the site.

MGF is different from other sites as it protects your identity while still allowing deep interaction between members. I’ve met some great guys through the site and have formed real friendships with several regular members. It’s not all about naughty stuff either. It’s nice to just talk and have people confide in you about issues they feel they can’t discuss with anyone else.

MyGirlFund is also a great confidence builder. I originally joined just to sell content and never thought I would cam, but once I did one show and realized how easy (and liberating) it is, I feel in love with camming and I now do it all the time.

It’s also nice to have a naughty secret. I often smile to myself when I’m out with friends, thinking to myself ” if only they knew what I get up to online!” My close friends who do know are pretty cool with it.

I have met lots of great guys on MyGirlFund. We often chat, have a laugh, and share problems. We also have a lot of naughty fun. Some guys become regular friends and some move on and meet others.

My advice to any girls joining the site is that it is good to have an open mind when listening to other people’s fetishes and fantasies. What might seem strange to some is perfectly normal to others. I never judge. I empathize with people I meed on the site.

My advice to the guys joining is: be polite, don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be scared of us girls. We don’t bite… unless you ask!

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