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Illianna Explains Perfectly How MyGirlFund is Different Than All the Rest

November 25, 2013

IMG_5561I honestly don’t remember where I found MyGirlFund, but I know that its one of the best things that has happened to me. Thanks to MGF in the last 3 months I bought I bought a new car/van, a laptop, a tablet and lots of new lingerie.

I love being able to pick the male brain about turn ons and turn offs and MyGirlfund allows me to do that. I love being able to learn about guys’ deep and dirty fetishes. Even if the fetish is not something I would be comfortable with doing, being able to “sit” with a guy and directly converse about the fetish and ask questions to understand it has truly been awesome.

MGF is VERY different from the other sites I work on. Friendships seem to last longer and there are deep, enduring conversations about what guys like and what they want to see. That’s truly special and it’s what has kept me tied to this site so tightly.

The biggest thing that sets it apart from other sites, makes me adore it and convinces me to actively promote my presence on it is the fact that MyGirlFund rewards you for bringing in guys and making money. The progressive pay levels is one of the most original and best things MyGirlFund does. You start at a 65% payout and can get all the way to 90% when you’ve made more than %50,000.

Picking one of my favorite 5 star ratings is exceptionally difficult.


“Ok seriously guys I have to tell you in complete honesty that this is the best girl on this site… I can say in good conscience she is without a doubt the most reliable girl here. She is also PERFECT when it comes to special orders. No matter what it is she gets it absolutely 100% how you want it. I just simply can not stress enough that she is the one to go with on MGF.”


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