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MyGirlFund Helps Lily White Leverage Her Time More Effectively

November 16, 2013

SONY DSCHi! I’m Lily White and I’ve been a member of for a year.

MyGirlFund is completely different from the other cam sites I’ve worked on. I almost couldn’t believe it when I signed up and found out I start out keeping 65% of the contributions. Most other sites start you out at 30% and lower. Also, on MGF you can cash out whenever you want, and as frequently as you want rather than waiting every two weeks for a single cash out. Even though I’m in Canada, I get paid quickly via direct deposit from MGF. When I’m in a bind for money, it can be stressful to wait multiple weeks for a cheque to arrive in the mail. Their instant payout system is brilliant!

In addition to all the logistical stuff, the guys are amazing. No other site has provided such respectful, generous and gracious guys for me to work with. I receive well composed messages and requests with clear expectations and upfront discussions of compensation.

It is important to me to be as real as possible. I don’t want to be lying to the guys or selling something contrived. I’m primarily raising funds to build my counselling business and finance my education. MyGirlFund has helped reduce my financial stress a lot. My friends on MGF know that I won’t judge their fetishes or make fun of their requests. I love to listen and provide as best I can. Being a bit of an exhibitionist doesn’t hurt. I love flirting and showing off!

My favorite thing about MGF has to be the time commitment. I’m juggling a lot of other things in life, and don’t always have time to sit for hours online smiling at a camera. By posting videos for my friends to purchase while I’m offline, and messaging with guys from wherever I happen to be, I see my fund grow all the time.

One of my favorite 5 star ratings:

“PHENOMENAL. This young lady is beautiful, sexy, sweet and performs as well as anybody. She is genuinely into the videos she is performing in. Can’t wait for more in near future!”

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