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Naughtyme Racks Up the Feedback On MyGirlFund

November 2, 2013


Well here I am promoting one of the best adult social networking sites anywhere! So how did I arrive on MyGirlFund?

After a lot of deliberation about work and how to best bring up my little girl single-handedly, I decided that this was the site for me. It fit with my lifestyle and I can make a lot of money and some really good friends from all over the world while i’m at it. Friends with benefits! I do my best to provide the best horny, sexy, naughty content I can and judging by my feedback I am doing a great job.

So far I have been able to buy so much stuff for my house and it’s looking great! Also I provide for my daughter and her needs and pay everyday life bills etc. etc. Without MyGirlFund I couldn’t do this with the same level of stability and comfort.

My strategy is simple. I don’t pressure guys to buy my content. Each guy has a different look which does it for them. As I am covered in tattoos I might not be for everyone. I am completely fine with that! The girls blog is also brilliant. You can share any concerns you may have. There’s an offers page that guys view where you can get noticed.

So come on guys, try this awesome site! Click my pic and send me a free message. You wont be disappointed!

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