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Ashleyaskew Sets The Record Straight For MyGirlFund

October 14, 2013

ashsI love because I am in control of my body and my business. I choose who I show off for as well as when and how. I decide my schedule, content and prices. I can choose my clients carefully but make new friends easily.

MyGirlFund allows us to get as personal or stay as mysterious as we feel comfortable doing while protecting our privacy and safety. Not only do feel very in control of our own independent interactions on the site but we are also a tight community, with blogs where we can ask each other for advice and support or be silly and vent. Many of us have been led here by other girls active on the site. The competition is friendly and MGF does as great job of creating and maintaining various contests for both fun and prizes!

MyGirlFund is always focused on keeping us safe and giving us opportunities, like this one; to become more successful every day! Some girls use this as full time employment and others, like me, use it more for fun and pleasure! It is always a great feeling to be surprised with a contribution or wake up to a message telling you how beautiful you are or how you made someone’s night with your own little surprise gift. I have made some wonderful amorous friends here and love coming to MGF after a long day at work to do a little playing!

My friends on MyGirlFund helped me move from the east coast to the west coast to accompany and support my best friend while she attends graduate school. My generous friends also helped me buy a plane ticket home for Christmas this year. I am thoroughly appreciative!

Some of my feedback:

“very sweet. Very cute. Very naughty. Cannot get enough of her. Eager to please and such a good girl when she does… This girl is so fucking amazing. Adorable as hell yet very dirty. The perfect combination. Ashley is everything you want in a girl: looks, sexiness, smarts, and a strong willingness utopia.

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  1. Boobear permalink
    October 18, 2013 8:08 pm

    It’s very exciting to hear that mygirlfund is more than just a place for horny guys. The girls make good friends there as well, while they make money and have fun. I fully understand that I need to take it seriously and invest enough time to succeed, but I just have a strong feeling that it’ll be lots of fun. If you can work on something that you enjoy, there’s always a better chance to be successful at it.

  2. Lidia C permalink
    October 18, 2013 11:57 am

    I won’t lie. I at first had negative feelings about working with my girl fund, but after reading what the girls have to say about it, I’ve come to realize that it’s a business that helps everyone involved. The guys come for companionship over the web and to satisfy their sexual urges, and the girls get to have some fun and make a living too. It helps good guys who need company and the girls who need money. I’m all for it.

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