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PinkRush Gets a Rush From the Guys of MyGirlFund

September 17, 2013

pinkrushI’ve always been an exhibitionist. So much so that I almost joined a cam site when I turned 18, just so I could get the thrill of performing for others. Thankfully, I found MyGirlFund through Tumblr. A girl I knew was posting about how much fun she was having on it, and I checked out her profile. I was hooked.

I’ve joined a handful of other sites, but none give me the rush I get from chatting with the men of MyGirlFund. There is no other site where I can get to know a guy and his preferences the way I do here. Each person is different and it makes me feel great when I deliver the perfect product.

“She’s the girl who’ll have you wishing she was right here next to you, if only to share the time of day.” It’s the sweetest thing someone has said about me, and frankly, is why I do what I do. The money is nice, appreciated, and needed but I’m here for reasons other than the cash. MyGirlFund has enabled me to pay my bills month to month, but it has also given me a self confidence boost I wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else.

I eventually want to go back to college (English focus on Creative Writing and minor in History, honors classes…) and maybe find a retail job to help support myself, but I know MyGirlFund will always be there. While I don’t have a specific long term goal for my profile, I know I’ll always enjoy being on the site. I don’t think I could ever give it up.

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