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Starbuck Sets the Record Straight For Mygirlfund Reviews.

September 9, 2013


Hi, my name is Starbuck. I am a self proclaimed nerd and goofball. I love everything sci-fi, I like being silly and I love tattoos, which I have a lot of. Last November I became a health and fitness nut and I am currently in school to get my associate degree in fitness technology.

There are not enough words to explain how much I enjoy being part of MGF. You won’t find another site out there like it even though people try. There is a level of safety here that I admire so much. We know we are protected on this site, meaning we aren’t likely to get stalkers. They make sure to keep our information private and that is very important.

There are a lot of people out there who are voyeuristic, exhibitionist and so on and so forth and this is a safe place where we can go and express ourselves. There are a lot of friendships to be made both with the other girls as well as with the guys that join MyGirlFund.

They (the guys) really take the time to get to know you if you let them, and offer all different kinds of support. When I have a goal I am trying to meet the guys step up to the plate and help with whatever they can. They go out of their way to make you feel beautiful, even if you are having an off day!

If I want to sit outside and have a cigarette while chatting on cam with one of the guys I can! Who wouldn’t love this as a job? I can stay at home during the day, go to school, and raise my family and have a great time at night, earning income on my own time, setting my own rules, and being my own boss.

Not only that, I LOVE my job. I make friendships almost every day. I get to enjoy making contests about Dr. Who, or having a chat about other TV shows I enjoy. I even convinced one of my guy friends to start watching some of those shows! I get to share my experiences and hobbies with them. I even had one of my guy friends on MyGirlFund offer to help me with my math! He knew I didn’t like math and knew I wasn’t confident in it and was actually willing to help me out with it. To me, these guys aren’t just dollar signs because they offer so much more than that.
The ladies on the site are just as welcoming. We come together and offer advice to each other, post new recipes and generally we are just there

to support each other. If you are reading these reviews as a girl wondering if you should join, I suggest you do. You will really enjoy MyGirlFund if you really put the effort into it. You have to make friends, send messages and be friendly.


If you are a guy thinking about signing up, do it. There are so many different ladies, different styles, different everything that you fill find your flavor or discover something new. You might learn something new about yourself and allow yourself to truly experience the feeling of shedding your inhibitions. Whatever you do, make sure you treat the ladies right because they will be very good to you.

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