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NaughtyBarbie6 Plans On Being On MyGirlFund Girl For a Long Time.

September 4, 2013

naughtybarbie6I found out about Mygirlfund through my friend who is also using this site, and boy am I glad she showed me.

I have met so many people and have made good money doing what I love, which is being naughty and meeting new people. I think I can say I’ve met some life long friends using Mygirlfund. My favorite part is coming on here and being able to interact with people from all over the world and being able to have a good time with them.

In my opinion, what makes Mygirlfund different from other sites is that it’s not just a cam site. You get paid for messages, you can sell sets of pictures and videos, when you would normally just get paid for cam time on other sites. Mygirlfund is so diverse, that’s one reason I love it so much and plan on staying for a long time. I love how one on one the site is. I’ve reached many personal and financial goals with the help of my boys on there!

My current Mygirlfund goal is a new car, mine is about to blow up, so every day, every dollar helps so much! Thank you guys again who have helped me out.

I’ve made so many friendships on there, some that I will cherish forever, and some that are all fund and games. 🙂

My advice to new girls on the site would be, don’t go begging for money, Mygirlfund is way more than that. Talk to the guys, get to know them, and the money will eventually start coming in… it just takes time!

The tips I would have for the guys on Mygirlfund is don’t be a pig, unless she’s into it. 😉 Respect us ladies, just because this is a way that we make money doesn’t mean we are pieces of meat!

One of my 5 star ratings: “Naturally beautiful woman. Incredibly nice, top rated, and that is without even seeing any content! How she responds to people tells you all you need to know and the public photos should make you want to throw all your money at her.”

Mygirlfund is so different from other sites I’ve worked on. On MGF, you really get to know the people, not just have them look at you on cam and that’s it. You get to message back and forth, chat, cam, buy from whomever you like best.  Mygirlfund is by far the best site I’ve come across and I plan on being there awhile. XOXO

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