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BlackSwan Left the Rat Race to Find Satisfaction on MyGirlFund

June 12, 2013


Mygirlfund literally changed my life. It allowed me not only to be independent but it has become a much needed outlet for my creativity and a fun space to explore my sexuality being single and staying safe.


Before MGF, I had a 10 hour job (plus 2 hours of commuting) that paid my bacon but corroded my spirit. It was not a bad job at all, it paid really well and I am grateful for the opportunities given to me in life, but office work is definitely not my thing. I felt restrained. I was continuously bored, depressed and anxious sitting under fluorescent lights, day after day, it all looked the same almost like groundhog day.


To me, money is not the most important thing in your career path but instead I think one should aim for a sense of purpose and enjoyment. Whatever it is that you do as an occupation you better have your heart in it because, after all, it takes a big chunk of your life in time and energy. A job should ideally be a source of personal satisfaction and not just a paycheck. So in a moment of impulsivity and idealism, in the midst of the occupy movement, I quit.

My only verifiable skills and experience would inevitably land me a similar job to the one I was leaving behind, so I taught myself photography and digital restoration and started freelancing taking pictures and restoring old ones. I love doing that but the income is neither good nor steady. I was afraid I was going to have to go back to the rat race.


Then it happened! One night, after having ended a very important relationship, I was bored and heart-broken and stumbled upon MGF by mere chance. I decided to sign up because I liked the idea of taking my social and sex life to a virtual realm, which is were I pretty much ‘live’ nowadays, and because I don’t feel ready to date again and having one-night-stands isn’t an option either.


The site is perfect for me right now. It solves 3 things at once by giving me a wonderful social space, a place to enjoy my sexuality and a way of achieving my personal goals. The guys are simply great, there is variety of girls and guys so there is somebody for everybody, and I have found most guys to be incredibly sweet, charming and supportive.


Now I am completely hooked. I get to do things I really love; taking beautiful pictures, editing videos, dancing, feeling sexy and having the most varied, interesting, fun and honest interactions of my life. Now my day to day is just being myself and enjoying every minute of it! =^.^=

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