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SkinnyMini is Addicted to MyGirlFund, Find Out Why.

June 6, 2013

Hey there! I am SkinnyMini, from MGF. I have been apart of this lovely community since April 14th, 2013. Despite the fact I have only been on the site for less than two months, I can promise you it has made many positive changes in my life!

I had been considering webcam modeling for a while, but dropped the idea and waited for a year, until I came across MyGirlFund. I signed up right away, and had my profile approved within only a few hours!



I cannot believe how quickly I became addicted to this growing community. I look forward each day to get the chance to log on, answer private messages, send out content, and chat with all of my guy friends. MGF is often a highlight of my day, and frequently has turned my day around and made it into a positive one!

Despite how confident my profile and photos make me appear, I am actually quite a shy and introverted person. Most of that comes from self confidence issues, but since joining MGF, I can honestly say my self-image and how I feel about my appearance has done a complete 180.

My username conveys a little about myself, I am quite a petite woman. Since joining MGF, I have realized that, there truly is someone out there for everyone. The media often portrays images of stereotypical beauty they only wish to show you to sell a magazine or a movie. It makes you start to think you REALLY should have a very “curvy” body to be desirable and seen as attractive. MGF has allowed me to meet gentlemen, that have preferences for “Skinny Mini” types of ladies, and for that I am super grateful!

When I first started on MGF, I didn’t know if I should wear my contact lenses for all of my photos and content, incase my glasses were a turn-off…but I am glad I chose to incorporate them into my MGF life πŸ™‚ Everyday I get messages from men, that just want to let me know they think I am sexy, or they would like to get to know me better. I CONSTANTLY get complimented for having my glasses on in my photos, and they are frequently requested to be worn in custom content or for cam shows. Now THAT is a confidence boost!

And the guys of MGF….I am totally amazed at how SWEET and GENUINE the guys can be! Most of the men I chat with, and have become close friends with, truly are wonderful people, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to make meaningful friendships that influence my life in such positive ways.

The guys that spend time chatting with me, have made me feel so much more confident in myself, and not only appearance wise, but also personality wise. Guys that tell me they think I am quite intelligent or knowledgeable in different subjects, make me feel like I am a person that is valuable and worth getting to know! I am incredibly happy that there are people out there, that find me interesting to chat with, befriend, and even spoil a little πŸ˜‰

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