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MissHoneyB Joined the MyGirlFund Community to Boost Her Confidence, and Earn Some Extra Cash.

May 19, 2013


People may think that MyGirlFund is just a place where girls sell content and guys pay for it…which yes, is slightly true but that isn’t the whole story. What some people probably don’t understand is the relationships we build and the fun that comes with it – I myself can personally say that when I first signed up I wasn’t expecting it to be this good!

I’ve been on here officially since about last August, from which I took a break for a while and re-joined back this year and I absolutely love it! I don’t really log onto any other social networking sites anymore because I have no need too!

I joined MGF to boost my confidence and earn some extra income at the same time, why not earn money doing the things you love? You get to meet the most fascinating people on the way and hear all their personal stories about where they have travelled too, their work and family life and honestly, it feels good to talk to all these different but interesting guys.

The fact that we can just all do what we enjoy doing without being judged is such a relief – you don’t have to explain yourself to the guys you talk too and nobody questions the reason you are there. I can tell you now I was never confident about the way I looked until now….I have finally found my inner sexual animal 😉 meow.

I love coming home from a hard day’s work and logging onto MGF to be greeted by a lovely message asking how my day has been, it’s not just us girls being a ‘virtual girlfriend’ but it’s the same with the guys, you gain a connection with them like you have known them for years and just have a laugh.

Also who doesn’t love a good old custom video specifically for that person’s eyes only? It’s not your average adult site, it’s also a place where you can let your fantasies run wild! You can be with your favourite ‘girl-next-door’ type of girl and receive exactly what you want. Every man’s wish eh?!

So, thanks MGF you have shown me EXACTLY what fun is all about and if any of you reading this have never been to it, then you are most definitely missing out.

See you soon!

All my Love

MissHoneyB xx


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  1. Madison permalink
    June 4, 2013 5:21 pm

    How is it possible that I hadn’t found about my girl fund until now? I’ve been looking for something like it all my life! Alright, maybe not all my life :P, but I was soooooo hoping that an opportunity like this would come around. If you have the looks, if you like showing it off, then why not make a profit out of it? You get to enjoy your work and the money that comes with it, and your clients get to feast with their eyes. Everyone wins! I’m joining my girl fund~

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