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AJ Counts the Reasons She Loves MyGirlFund

May 12, 2013




I love because of so many reasons. My main reason is the guys. On My girl fund you are able to connect a lot more one on one with the guys. They aren’t just your “Clients” Like they are on some other cam sites. They are your friends.You get to know them to talk to them as a actual person where in a cam site you are fighting to get attention from one girl with a million people and those girls don’t know you by your name they only know you by your screen name. The girls on My Girl Fund get to know you for you and not just as a screen name. Not only that but when it is time for some “Naughty” fun, it’s more intimate and one on one and just the two of you. I have a connection with the guys on My Girl Fund that I don’t have with any other cam site. That is because My Girl Fund is not a cam site I like to think of it as a adult social network site where you can still have virtual fun with a girl on cam. Or have them make you videos or pictures to your custom liking. I personally have lots of videos and pictures that I update weekly, so there is always new things available. I also love the blog section (even though I must admit I don’t always keep up to date on it) But it gives the guys a little more look into my world of what went on that day sometimes Ill add a few pictures if it goes well with the blog. My Girl Fund has helped me out a lot I am currently a freelance graphic designer so I work form home but times can be tough some times and I don’t always make ends meet with my freelance job Why don’t you go out and get another job you ask? Well I am a stay at home mom with my son a single mom who’s son dad is a low life and doesn’t pay child support and I could not have someone else raise my son while I would only end up making $2 a hour after paying them. So that is why I work form home and My Girl Fund helps me to help make it possible to be a stay at home mom and help raise my family. I love the connection with the guys on my girl fund and all the help they had helped me with helping it make it possible for me to stay at home with my son. I am so thankful for the guys who have helped me and had a lot of naughty squirting fun as well :). Come see what the fun is all about.

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  1. SqTG19 permalink
    June 5, 2013 10:20 pm

    You read the stories of all these girls and it’s really exciting~ I want to join my girl fund too and I really will soon, but I’m so very much hoping that I’ll meet a real nice guy for my first client. I’m probably going to lose all my confidence if some nasty guy complains about my looks or contents. It’s really nerve wracking to think about signing up with my girl fund, but it’s strangely exciting at the same time.

  2. Samantha permalink
    June 5, 2013 2:52 pm

    Sex sells and sex has always sold well. Even during economic downturn sex still sells and that’s why businesses like mygirlfund will always do well. Your paycheck has remained pretty much the same figure since you started working your job, inflation is killing your purchasing power, and the cost of living is going up. I don’t know, but it seems like working in a strong sector sounds like a good idea to me. I’m gonna get started with mygirlfund and if I can start making enough money to live off of it, then I’m flipping my middle finger to my boss and quitting my job right away.

  3. Chrissy permalink
    June 4, 2013 5:16 pm

    Everything I read about my girl fund is very nice, but honestly, I need money and I need it badly. There’s only so much free time in a day after you come back from your full time job and you can’t make much of extra money with part time jobs. The only way I see of making some extra money is working at a place like mygirlfund, where your contents do the work for you. I’m aware that it takes time and effort to create the contents, but once you create them, they’ll do the selling for you, so it’s an ideal part time job for someone busy like me. I think it’s got potential, so I’m definitely gonna give it a shot.

  4. Amy permalink
    June 1, 2013 8:03 am

    I can totally relate to AJ and the difficulties she has making a living as a single mother. Money of course is the biggest issue, but time management and nanny are really troublesome issues as well. I’m currently trying to find a work from job and the more I read about, the more I believe it’s the best option for me. In fact, from everything that I’ve read so far, I really love it. I’m thinking of putting in a good 6 months on my mygirlfund career. Hopefully with time I’ll grow a large following and hopefully I’ll have enough fans to at least partially make a living off mygirlfund. Anyhow, I really enjoyed AJ’s story.

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