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Why Juicy Thinks MyGirlFund is the Place to Be

April 20, 2013


I absolutely LOVE I joined the site over a year and half ago. Before I joined MGF I had a very hard life 2 years prior I had lost all my hair with being on MGF I was able to buy hair treatment for me to grow my hair back and it’s all thanks to all of the amazing guys on MGF!!

Even though I have lost all my hair I have been wearing wigs! I have also learned how to make my own. Thanks to all of the mgf guys I have learned soooo much about myself and how determined I really am as a person!!
I am from a very small town…..with joining I have been able to try new things and find out the things I love and the things I’m not a fan of. Every custom video I make I’m always sooo excited because it’s something new to try and for me I want to try everything I possibly can even if it’s just once!
Out of every feature on mgf. I would say the making the videos is the best feature for me because I really get into it and I learn so much as I am making them!!
Last July I had to have an emergency surgery and have my entire top teeth removed…. I woke up and my whole left side of my face was swollen. Come to find out I had a severe infection and the only way to get rid of it would be to have surgery. The day after my birthday I had surgery and if it wasn’t for all of the guys of MGF that would have not been possible!
Mygirlfund is fun, exciting and for sure the place to be!! No matter what I am going through at the time when I log on all of it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a place I can go and just be free and be myself and not stress about anything that is going on.
Just recently I had to move and the MGF boys helped me with that and I must say the new place is so perfect for me. I am very thankful for all of the amazing MGF guys!
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