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Red_Hot_Candy Feels more than sexy on MyGirlFund

March 24, 2013


Hi everyone.  I’m Candy.  Let me just start off by saying that I LOVE MyGirlFund!  I started on MGF back in September of 2010.  I’ve loved it since the very first day.  Every single person, guy or lady, that I talked to welcomed me with open arms.  The ladies are all wonderful too!  They are always there to help with advice 🙂  I have gotten A LOT of content, contest, etc ideas from them.  It’s like having a secret sisterhood which isn’t really all that secret now lol 🙂
I have met some AWESOME people, and I get to work from home which is really nice in this economy (don’t have to spend the gas money etc. to get to and from a job plus I don’t even have to get dressed! lol).  The people that i’ve met, guys and girls alike, have really developed into some awesome long-lasting relationships.  I love being able to express myself and not having to “answer to” anyone for it.  I have many facets of my personality which are now, on MGF, allowed to shine thru however I see fit.
Whenever i’m down or depressed, MGF always finds a way to bring me back up.  Even if it’s something that’s just as simple as a guy shooting me a short message to tell me that he thinks i’m beautiful. Yes, i’ve run across a few bad seeds but I can count them on one hand and that’s with 2 1/2 years on here.  That’s definitely saying something.
My regulars KNOW me.  They have seen sides of me that some of my family hasn’t even seen all because they understand and support me more than just financially.  These are the guys that I honestly luv.  With MGF, it’s about interaction and forming relationships.  That’s exactly what has happened with me.  Honestly, even though it pays my bills, it still doesn’t ever feel like “work” to me, that’s how much I enjoy it!
Now I have cammed on other sites before but none compare to MGF.  It’s not just a cam-girl community.  These girls are my sisters.
No other site even comes close :). MGF has something for everyone! You want redheads? They got it!  You want brunettes?  They got that too!  It’s not hard at all to find what YOU’RE looking for!
MGF also seems to be rolling out more and more new features as well.  They keep improving the site and keep it way above the others.  Support is always willing to help with any issues or requests.
MGF has also helped me add to my lingerie closet, which has really also helped with my self-esteem.  When I dress up, I FEEL sexy!   I always love to share pics of my new outfits with my wonderful regular members 🙂
In closing, I LOVE MGF.  It’s my interwebs home and i’m planning on keeping it that way 🙂Red_Hot_candy

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