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BabyDoll20 Does My Girl Fund Right with Her Review!

March 17, 2013
babydoll20I have been on my girl fund for about 3 months now.
Their is nothing better than mygirlfund. There is never a day I go bored. It is so fun, entertaining and every single person is not the same. The money is very good. I was having money troubles for a while, until someone introduced me to this website. I never thought anything like mygirlfund existed.
I am legally not aloud to work. I cannot be on my feet to long because of medical problems. When I was young I was having many heart problems, which over the years just seemed to get worse. I have other health problems on top of that. So when I joined Mygirlfund, it was my savior. I couldn’t believe when the money started adding up. Not only did it help me with medical bills, it also helped me with buying my new house.
I am so happy that I joined, not a day goes by that I regret it.
The Guys.
The guys are amazing. I honestly wasn’t expecting it. When I started talking to them, they were all so sweet and respectful. I love the guys that join here. They are so unique. They never cease to amaze me. I love learning about their fetishes. Not one of them is never exactly the same. Doing custom fetish videos is my favorite. It is so interesting finding out what everyone is into. Most of the time they are shocked by what I agree to do, almost like they never expected it.
My Skills.
I always take my pictures on my own. I use a professional camera, and set the timer. I don’t edited them much, if at all because I like them to be able to see the natural look. Guys don’t like to see something that is over done. My videos are all self recorded. I like to do them on my own and edit them on my own. All of my videos are very unique and different than everyone else. I don’t like to be the same as anyone.
And last of all.
I use to be so shy to the point that I wouldn’t even talk to a guy. Mygirlfund has changed me. I can now feel like I can open up to people more. Not just here but in my home life to. Mygirlfund has done wonders for me. If I would have never joined, I would have never believed that any website could do anything like this. Even now that I am here, it is still so unbelievable. I am so happy that I am here, and I would never go back.
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