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UkGemma reviews mygirlfund. For her it’s ALL about job satisfaction!

December 10, 2012


Hi everyone my name is Gemma. I am 26, from the UK and I absolutely LOVE MyGirlFund!!!

I originally got into this line of work due to watching a TV show about a similar site where the guys donate money off of a boob job for the girls. I joined it and made money very quickly and easy due to the fact that I am naturally friendly, flirty and very, very naughty! I thought to myself however that it was a shame that I couldn’t use the money for anything else and then low and behold I found MGF which is easier to use, has massively more earning potential and many more naughty guys!

Before doing cam work I tried doing everything- telesales, cleaning, bingo worker, retail, bar work and waitressing, but nothing gave me anything like the job satisfaction that I get now from MGF. Previously if I worked really, really hard I might get a “thank you” from the boss if I was very lucky! Now my hard work is rewarded by more and more money!! I get to work the hours I choose, no travelling (It’s especially cold in England at the minute so it’s nice not to have to go out there he-he), no horrible boss breathing down my neck, I can be creative, I can set the amounts I charge for everything, I meet lovely people from all around the world and I have great laughs, plus I get to cum continually and satisfy my insatiable sex drive! I cant believe I get paid great money just to pleasure myself! Lol

Possibly the best thing about MyGirlFund is the guys. I meet lots of guys on the net but on this site they seem the kindest, most generous and the naughtiest! Its not just a case of wham bam thank you Ma’am,. These guys want to get to know me and spend some quality time with me to establish a wonderful online relationship. Its like having a boyfriend but with none of the drama and all of the fun stuff he-he. I have so many laughs and get to live out all of my wildest fantasies (plus theirs!) all in the comfort and safety of my own home. Don’t get me wrong though I do enjoy a quickie and have no problems with some guys just wanting to use me for some fun and then never contact me again.

Since joining MyGirlFund I have been able to pay off lots of debt and pay for doctors bills. I have a thyroid disorder and over the last couple of years I have suffered a lot with my health. Some days I wasn’t even able to get out of bed and being able to still pay the bills was a big worry. MyGirlFund enabled me to still earn a living if when I was extremely ill. The support I had from the guys on the site was amazing. They were so supportive and kind, it really made me feel appreciated and happy in my darkest hours. I’m very pleased to tell you that my health is now brilliant and things have only gotten better on the site. I am still supported by the amazing men on here and I am now rewarding them for their loyalty.



This really is the best site I have found for camming, selling content, building great relationships and making money! So if you’re a model or guy and not already on here then make sure you join NOW!

Hope to chat with you and fulfill your wildest fantasies when you do 😉

Luv Gemma xxx

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  1. I need help! permalink
    September 2, 2013 4:06 pm

    Hey! I’m thinking about join to it! but I not a bitch and never gonna be one, so, can i join to the site and earn money without being dirty? please!! i really need the money

  2. Aaliyah permalink
    February 15, 2013 6:28 pm

    I’ve done pretty much everything too. I’ve worked as a cashier, guide, sales person, and at the moment I’m working as a waitress. You at least got a thank you from your boss if you do well, I on the other hand am lucky if I don’t get yelled at for a change. With the economy in slump all the employers take advantage of their employees and it’s no fun working right now. If I could work for myself instead of my boss, I’d be the happiest girl in the world. Mygirlfund is my last opportunity at success.. I really hope I can find success with it.

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