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RubyHair Gives a Brief, but Poignant Review of Mygirlfund.

December 6, 2012


As a single mum I was finding it hard to look after my new baby alone AND find the money to pay for diapers, let alone bills and rent! Nursery fees are SO expensive, in a month’s wage I couldn’t afford to pay the nursery fees, bills, rent, food AND be left over with money to live on. Life was a nightmare and I was worried my daughter wouldn’t have all she needed in life. A friend suggested I try MyGirlFund and I’ve never looked back!
Now I’m in total control, I earn what I want, when I want! I can be the mum I always dreamed of being; spending my days taking her to baby classes, to the park, buying her new clothes whilst keep a roof over our heads!
I’m so grateful for every contribution and for the continuous help that guys on MGF have shown 🙂
I love talking to each and every guy who takes the time to message me. Everyone has a different story, different likes and ideas for me. It’s lovely to hear from so many different people all over the world! I’m addicted now, I can’t wait to log in every morning and see what’s waiting for me!
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