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Reine cuts straight to the chase in her mygirlfund review

November 24, 2012


I signed up for MyGirlFund in April 2010, wow can’t believe it has almost been three years, time really does fly when you are having fun, and I have loved every minute spent on MyGirlFund.
Being a small business owner, who lost my business when the economy started to go down hill, I started pursuing something else that I could do from home that I enjoyed. Like many people will tell you after working for yourself as I did since I was 17, its hard to even consider trying to get a normal job so to speak. Luckily for me a friend told me about MyGirlFund and I loved the idea behind the site. It didn’t take long and I was sucked right in.
Not only did MyGirlFund allow me to continue working from home, but it also opened my eyes to whole new fun world! I have so much fun dressing up for photo sets, and thinking of creative ideas for videos, that MyGirlFund I can’t even describe as a job, but more of a passion. It turned everything a girl like me loved from dressing up, shopping, outfits, cosplay, role play and even being an avid gamer into a wonderful sharing opportunity.
I have made so many wonderful friends, you really get to know people on a personal level. Friends that are there for me to cheer me up, or just to pass the time talking about our hobbies. Never a dull moment when I sign on, always someone new to get to know and to share with. And I love that I can even make custom videos or photos for my special friends on MyGirlFund, making it even more personal and fun.
And that isn’t all, MyGirlFund has also allowed me to achieve many goals and do things I could not even do when my personal business was booming. It has allowed me to take care of myself. With contributions made by the wonderful men of MyGirlFund I am able to fully support myself, and even bought myself a brand new 2010 Jeep Wrangler when I never had a new car in my life. And even when times get tough the other girls of MyGirlFund support each other, its really touching to see girls helping each other out, and really makes it a community and not just a typical cam site.
I could go on and on about why I love MyGirlFund so much and what it has done for me and so many others, but you really just have to jump in a see for yourself. I know I will never leave, and can promise everyone can find some fun to be had here. I look forward to even more years of fun on MyGirlFund and to reach many more goals.


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