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GenXOXO’s review of MyGirlFund

November 15, 2012


Hey all! I’m GenXOXO from MyGirlFund, here to tell you why I love MGF and what motivates me to log on every day.

Firstly, it’s fun to be playful and feel sexy! I’m pretty shy in person, so it’s nice to be openly flirty without worrying about how it will be received. The girls of MGF are not only beautiful, but are so sweet – I look forward to logging in not just for the boys, but to chat with the ladies. Everyone encourages each other and learns from each other, it’s awesome! There’s even a special group of veteran ladies who will give you tips and tricks to help you along the way. Now the guys…wow. I have to say that has quite a sexy, fun group of fellas! There are so many guys with different personalities and turn ons that I’m meeting great new guys every day. I love the fun of meeting somebody you’re compatible with and exploring new things together. Most importantly, I’ve made friends – I’ve made a few connections with incredible guys that I can turn to for advice, fun conversation, and a little sexy fun 😉 When I wake up in the morning, is one of the first sites I log in to, because messaging my friends sets the day off right. Honestly, the friendships are the best part of MGF – I love the closeness and fun. I have friends all over the world now – we banter, joke, debate, flirt, and tease each other. Earlier this year, my beloved dog needed surgery. Although I got a second job, I was still coming up short – but made the difference! Many guys contributed just to help my dog – it was heartwarming and I am still so incredibly gracious. It also saved me a lot of stress and time.



Honestly, as a full-time student, I appreciate that I’m able to create income from home – MGF has given me the freedom to be social and build self-confidence while giving me more time to work on my academics. (And the guys on MGF keep me in line if I’m not studying!) I love that your earning percentage increases as you are active on the site for longer, it’s a great incentive and it’s exciting to set goals for yourself. Mostly, for me, MGF is just about fun and socializing. I love connecting with the guys and girls, sharing a bit about myself in the blogs and on my profile, running contests, and participating in the site wide events like our recent Trick or Treat event. It’s such a great website that’s helped me in a multitude of ways. I’ve suggested MyGirlFund to my guy and girl friends alike because I truly believe it’s a mutually beneficial experience.

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