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Nox takes a leap of faith, and winds up happy at Mygirlfund.

November 5, 2012

I first joined MyGirlFund in September of 2009, but I was really terrified of the site and I didn’t do anything with it. Then I came back in December of 2010 out of desperation. What I thought of as something scary was actually a huge turning point for me. This site has saved me on more than a few occasions when money has been tight in my household. I thought being a mom with a less than perfect body would put me on the back burner, but the guys on the site are completely understanding of my schedule.

Speaking of, the guys here are amazing! They’ve encouraged me when I’ve been down, given me great advice when I was confused, “geeked out” with me regarding all things Harry Potter… in short, they’ve become my friends. For every ounce of greatness I’ve discovered in the guys on the site, the ladies on the site out-measure them in pounds. They are helpful and supportive, they give tips and tricks to help the ladies when our creativity is lacking and they are amazingly sweet!

Are all the members, both male and female, specimens of perfection? No. But you’ll find a few bad apples everywhere you go, whether it be the face space or the my book. The difference between the bad apples here and in your typical social networking site is that the members will quickly help resolve the issues rather than jump on the bullying band wagon. These girls and guys who I know through their posts and messages are far more truer than even my friends in real life. I’ve been on other sites, but they don’t begin to hold a candle to MyGirlFund.

The tech support offered by MGF is above par. They do their best to fix any problems and resolve whatever issues may arise. I’ve been able to come to them when some of those previously mentioned bad apples have given me problems and tech support has managed to take care of things better than an Uncle with Mob ties! Some people have complained about the site kind of seeing my new mom body. Not only were they kind, they wanted to see more of me! The genuine interest in both my looks and my personality are more than most girls will find even in a boyfriend. pay-outs. But the great thing about the site is that they give you the chance to level up and increase your pay out. How many sites have you come across that give you the opportunity to keep 90% of what you’re paid?

But the best part of MyGirlFund? The confidence boost I’ve been given. Never have I felt sexier! I began making content 4 months after giving birth and I just wasn’t sure the guys would be

The only thing I’d change about MyGirlFund is their clothing shop (yeah! They have their own merchandise!); I’d love if there were more shirts and lounge pants options! Maybe even hoodies! Hint, hint… But overall, there aren’t enough stars to accurately rate MyGirlFund in my opinion.

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