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This is how the colorfully awesome NaughtyVampira uses to fuel her creative side.

November 4, 2012

Hello, I go by NaughtyVampira, as you might guess, I’m a vampire. I’ve been alive for far too long, I avoid the sun, and I have a general disdain for common society. However.. I’m not secular in my ways. I’m here for the outcasts, the misfits, the “freaks”, and anyone who feels out-of-place in this world. Granted, I’m here for the “normal” as well, but what I truly mean to say, is that I accept people as they are, not as they are told they should be.naughtyvampira
For me, this MyGirlFund is an outlet for creativity, both sexually and emotionally. I love being a muse to people who need a place to express their hidden desires, and it helps me to maintain my independent life style. I enjoy bringing happiness to those who treat me well, so this site is perfect for me and girls like myself. By supporting this site, you support real individuals and not just a corporation.  This site is very empowering in that sense. For both guys and girls. One of the great things about this community is that we all directly shape what it is and will be, both the men and women. It is a reflection of our desires and our passions. Even though I am new to this site, I can see that we decide it’s future, and we are all here just for each other. I’m a very artistic  person, and the more I’m supported by others, the more I can do for them in that sense, and that is true for this entire community really. The more you put into it, the better it well be. The more an artist has to work with, the more she can bring your vision to life. I really enjoy doing everything I can to capture what an individual is longing for. This site is very real, and very personal in the sense that we all directly affect each other. Which is why I look forward to the great relationships I’m forming, and the dreams and unfulfilled desires that we will bring to reality. xoxoVampira

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