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This is how Neonn reviews mygirlfund; and what she does to stay social.

October 10, 2012

Softimus Prime and NeonnMygirlfund was the first site of its kind that I ever joined. I was very hesitant at first– giving into the offline stereotype that the girls would be shallow and bitchy, and the guys pushy and rude. I joined anyway, and I was very glad that I did, because none of those stereotypes have proven to be true. As it turns out, my favourite part of MyGirlFund is the people! The girls all have their own fierce personalities (and they’re gorgeous!) and the guys have been nothing but polite and interesting and I have learnt so much in my time here.
The guys have been amazing, kind, understanding and I absolutely love picking their brains about their favorite topics in a quest to learn more. Where the conversation lacks with my off-line friends, my friends on MyGirlFund always rise to the challenge and we can talk and talk about comic books, video games, tv shows etc for as long as we desire.

The girls are so, so supportive. When I was new and still fumbling around the site, they would always answer my questions and are patient with me. The network of girls here acts like a safety net, and sometimes I can’t wait to get home and log in so I can interact with them some more. I’m very glad that I found myself a part of this community.

Whereas money is concerned, MyGirlFund has helped exponentially. In real life I am a freelance photographer and circus/burlesque performer and the money sometimes isn’t great. There are often weeks where there is no money coming through whatsoever, and it can be really hard. Not only that, but my city has gone through mass amounts of change over the past couple of years, leaving us with no central city and a shortage of work. It is hard to pursue something that you love, but I am confident that through hard work and determination I can turn my passion into a full-time job, with money always coming in. However, until then I am so happy that I have MyGirlFund and the support of the wonderful guys there that I have met. has boosted my confidence, brought me into a wonderful community and taught me things I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise and I am so grateful of that.Noenn

Stay classy, MGF!

– Neonn

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