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This is why MarylnMonroe hangs out at MyGirlFund.

September 28, 2012

Hello! My name is MarylnMonroe and I absolutely love being here onMGF! I’ve been active on this site since May of this year and it’s been an absolute godsend for me. As a mother of 5, MGF has helped me to make ends meet and do things for my children that would have been absolutely out of the question were it not for the generous, kind and wonderful guys I’ve met here.


Let me tell you just a little bit about myself  (you can see all the details on my MyGirlFund Profile page). I’ve raised all 5 of my children by myself as my husband was killed in a car accident when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. It was a difficult situation but I’ve done my best and I’m very proud of all of them. And, to make things more challenging, I was diagnosed with spinal bone cancer 3 years ago. I was lucky and I’m now in remission and feeling  1000% better. As I mentioned, I’m using MyGirlFund to pay outstanding bills and maybe have a little bit of much deserved fun at the same time *smile*.

MyGirlFund is an absolutely perfect fit for me. It allows me to earn a little something and still take care of my youngest child. And, I must confess, I am constantly awed, shocked and so very, very thankful for the men that have shown an interest in me. Like any site of this kind, MyGirlFund gets many different “flavors” of users but then wouldn’t life be boring if everyone and everything was the same? Some like Vanilla; some like Chocolate Chip Mint; some like Rocky Road — I like variety. Variety is what makes life interesting… don’t you think?

I’m a bit more mature but I think that gives me a different mindset — and  it allows me to share the many experiences I’ve had in my life. I love to hear from my friends; chat and meet new friends and


build relationships here on MGF that we both can enjoy. Most of the time, I’m a very low pressure and easy going woman. I can make most any kind of custom video and do my very best to make you happy and will do everything I can to work within your budget.

I *do* want to express to everyone just how grateful and thankful I am for every contribution  — large or small. It’s a very humbling experience for me because I know that everyone works hard to earn their paycheck each week. And ,make no mistake, I will do anything and everything I can to make you feel special and never, ever regret being with me or buying my content. All of that being said; there is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t have fun and do whatever it takes to make each other happy here. Remember, I like all kinds of men and all kinds of experiences…. and I think you probably do too!!

So, finally,MyGirlFund is a great site and please be sure to search for MarylnMonroe after you register… It only takes 2 minutes to register for a free account… So get busy Mister — I’ll be waiting for you… xoxoxo

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