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HustleBunny tells us what’s so fun about mygirlfund.

September 28, 2012


Hustle Bunny

Hustle Bunny

This site is a godsend! Not only does it fulfill my wants and needs personally and sexually but also the wants and needs of others. It is a win/win situation for all! It is unlike any other social site, as in it has its own class, literally. I must get as much entertainment out of MyGirlFund as the guys do, if not more! What girl wouldn’t love to have a site full of men to browse through and to be able to flirt with whoever, whenever they wanted to!? The same goes for the guys! They can browse through all of the HOT girls and shower the ones that they love in attention!

Every day that I login there is something new to explore, new personalities, new ideas… I have to say – there is a lot to learn about out there! I enjoy interacting with all the different guys. I get to know them individually and on a more personal level, fulfilling their fantasies and ultimately, my own. You could say I am somewhat of an exhibitionist. I love to show off my naughty side, especially on the internet, and where better to do that than on MyGirlFund? There is no need to hide those kinky thoughts!

I joined this site during late August of 2011 and since then I have made many, many good friends on here. I can see us staying in touch throughout the years to come. I really like how the guys take the time to get to know us girls and what we are are all about. I am the entertaining, outgoing type – so I am easy to get along with and that seems to keep them coming back for more. I have a lot of fun performing on cam, chatting, making videos, and taking sexy photos for the guys to enjoy in their private time. *WINK* I like to enter the contests the guys come up with as well and even won a few! All in all, I am full of personality & can make good conversation with just about anybody – so there is never a dull moment!Hustle Bunny

Happily I was able to achieve a few goals of mine within this year with the support of the guys! I opened my business this Fall, went on an amazing, month long trip to the Caribbean in the Spring and best of all, I was able to include my hobbies (videography : photography : graphic designing) into my use of the site and profit greatly from them. Without the generosity of these guys – this year would not have been as remarkable & enjoyable! Now I am focusing on building my empire in my personal life and on MyGirlfund.

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