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Apt_no_7 Tells us how she really feels about mygirlfund.

September 27, 2012




I have been on since July 2011. I joined the site as a model really just wanting somewhere to share my work with people I could relate to.
In the past year I have been able to make real connections with people that affect my work and my artistic vision, as well as make a few others smile myself. There are tons of things I love about the site, and tons of things about MyGirlFund that make it unique and my favorite site on the Internet.
MyGirlFund is unique in the fact that it gives you the opportunity to meet great people, and actually get to know them over a period of time. I think of it as having pen pals. I get to talk to people all over the world and create amazing ideas that are actually possible to share. I can chat with people I actually consider my friends. The site itself has tons of options for the girls be creative and share themselves in a variety of different ways.  I would say my favorite thing the site offers, is the blogs. I love that I can report how my life is going and update my friends as well as reach new members on the site as well. I think it also helps the girls get to know one another too. This site really does seem to function more like a community than any other web site I have ever seen. The rating system on the site secures that every member has been pleasant and professional in transactions. Well contributions as I like to refer to them. The male members support the girls here with whatever their financial needs may be. No it isn’t like begging. The girls don’t just show up and make money. The girls must make friends if they ever want to make a name in the community, with both male and female members. I have found that making a persona unique to the site has been very helpful. The site has made this very easy, by giving the girls the ability to make a personal profile, blog, and post offers. The girls are there to help their fellow girls along; answer questions or give advice. They are always friendly, and what one doesn’t know another one does.

The convenience of being able to create income from being social and ambitious is without a doubt the best option for girls like me. I love that the site gives an option to keep more of your money the more you make. Up to 90%, this is more than achievable in 2 years. I love that MyGirlFund uses payoneer. I am able to link to any other accounts I have and get cash within a matter of minutes with low fees and no hassles. They also offer direct deposit and check for the ones who don’t want Payoneer.

There are lots of incentives to be an active member on the site. MyGirlFund has regular contests in many different genres. Ranging from; photo contests that are promoted by the site on Tumblr, writing contests, video contests, and sign up contests. There is also a section for the guys on the site to make contests of their own. On top of all this; the girls are also able to create contests for the guys.  I always love seeing how creative all the other members can be.
I am very happy I came across MyGirlFund. Doors are opening everywhere for me now. 

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